The Dangers of Dry Heating Vaporizer Coils

There is a practice among those who vape to dry heat the coils that vaporize the e-liquid. This essentially means heating up the coils before putting in the e-liquid to create what is considered to be a better experience.

The reason behind dry heating the coil is to preheat the vaporizer so that the e-liquid will vaporize faster. It could also be used to clean up the coil, as an effort to burn off harmful or gunked up substances. The coil can become dirty over time, particularly if any e-liquid spills off into it.

There are certainly benefits to dry heating the coil, but there are also some dangers to it that consumers need to be aware of. They need to know that preheating the coil or allowing it to heat without any e-liquid present can cause it to break down and corrode faster, is very aware of this. It can also cause combustion if the cotton does not get wet enough or there is a gunk buildup on the coil. Those problems can be avoided simply by using wet cotton, by replacing the cotton when it goes bad and by cleaning off the coil when it becomes dirty.

It’s a good idea to clean the coil regularly, even after every use, if you can. The more gunk that is allowed to build up there, the more dangerous the fumes from the coils become. There could be shorts, heating problems and combustion because of accumulation on the coils. You want to make sure they stay clean. When stuff builds up on the coils, it can also wear them down quicker and cause corrosion at a faster rate. You need to check the coils every so often to ensure that they are free from any gunk.

Vaping with a dry burn can cause combustion, which can create carcinogens in the vapor or smoke that could be created. That’s right, dry burning can make you end up smoking with a vaporizer instead of vaping. If combustion is happening, then smoke will be created, even if you can’t see it, which is why it is so important to prevent dry burning. That means that you need to watch out for dry burning that happens intentionally or unintentionally. Either way, it can release carcinogens into the vapors and increase your risk of cancer.

It is believed that ceramic coils are the best kind of coils to use in e-cigs. These have not been as fully tested as the current metal coils that are in use in most e-cigs, but they are thought to be safer at this point. They are also less likely to cause dry burning, which limits certain risks, as you probably now understand.

The trend in the industry is always toward safer and safer vaping experiences. Some of that is being done on the manufacturer’s end, as they are working to create safer vaporization and trying to prevent dry heating from occurring. Hopefully, vape users are also trying to become more informed about their pastime and learn how to prevent safety and health hazards while vaping. As more information becomes available and people better understand the best way to vape, it should become a safer experience for everyone.

What you want to avoid is taking a relatively safe habit and turning it into something far more dangerous. Vaping will always be safer than smoking a cigarette, even if dry heating is occurring, but the risks involved will increase whenever there is dry heating or some other unintended use of the vaporizer. Users should always follow manufacturer’s instructions and stay informed to ensure that they are using their e-cigs in the safest way possible.

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